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Is it a Ghost or a Demon? 


We mention that the attempts by a spirit to communicate can often be mistaken as evil in intention.  If you do not notice communication attempts, the spirit will try more frequently and more intense ways to communicate.  Since people instinctively fear the unknown, we believe it can be demonic in nature.  We have been told that a demonic entity is easy to distinguish with an overall feeling of great evil.  Since demonic entities are very rare and we never came across one, we don’t have a basis of comparison.  We try to avoid demonic entities and suggest you do as well. 

Most times, people may believe their home is infested with demons because a psychic felt an evil presence and declared with confidence that there was a demon.  More often than not, that “evil feeling” was an encounter with a spirit that is angry.  Spirits keep the same personality they had while alive.  There are good spirits and bad spirits.  A spirit found in an old death row would be considered a bad spirit and a medium would feel the negative energy.  But a demon?  Not likely.  As a rule, people fear the unknown and we feel threatened by what we fear, therefore a spirit is normally feared. 
While we believe that demons do exist, we believe they are rare in occurrence.  However, angry spirits are around just as there are cranky living people.  Can a spirit hurt you?  It is very rare and most injuries occur as a result of people fleeing carelessly.  But, don’t be fooled, spirits can assert themselves.  It all depends on the strength of the spirit.  Spirits are people without bodies, and will become angry if shown disrespect.
Will a spirit hurt you?  Not likely.  Do you coworkers randomly punch you?  No, only if you pick a fight.  Why would a spirit want to hurt you then?   Angry spirits are referred to as demons because many do not understand.  Spirits are like you and I, they have emotions.  We all become angry at some point, are we demonic? 
If you have a demon, chances are you’ll know for sure.  More likely it’s just a temperamental spirit.  We claim that Ouija boards can invite a demon, and we believe that.  It also invites angry spirits.  Why have either?
What are Demons?

Demons are inhuman entities, meaning they never walked this Earth as a human. God created angels to be His messengers and to do His will. Angels are thought to have free will and as such, a group of angels possessed too much pride to help humans. Because of this, they were cast away from Heaven.

What are Demons’ Goals?

Quite simply, they want to destroy lives. They want to create misery; they want to ruin relationships, careers, families, etc. Demons want us to turn our backs on God; they want us to perform immoral deeds in order to follow them and not God. 
Appearance of Demons
Demons in their true sense should look unpleasant as they like to create fear. However, they can be a bit tricky and appear as a human, sometimes a known person who has died. Some say that demons are not allowed by God to appear exactly as a human, so there may be some missing part or distortion. 

How Do Demons Enter Homes?

There are a number of possibilities that demons can trick us into coming into our homes.
The most common is they need to be invited into your life. Who would do that? Well it can be intentional or it can be unintentional. They can trick you into allowing them in through communications. Those attempts to communicate with spirits can be tricky. The most popular angst has been the Ouija board. Yes, the board is just a “game”, but it is the attempt to communicate that is dangerous. You never know who is on the other side talking to you and since demons are liars and try to trick you with their intelligence – you can be duped!  But the golden rule is you have to allow them into your life – intentional or not.

For those that believe Ouija boards are not dangerous, I know first-hand as we have dealt with the consequences from teenagers thinking they were having some harmless fun. They ended up being tormented by malevolent spirits and possible demons. So if you want to email us and tell us we are wrong, because you have “never come across a demon” – save your time as we won’t back down off of that truth. Other unintentional entrances occur through other divination means such as séances. Since demons are smarter than us, they can trick mediums.
Some people intentionally invite demons and Satan into their lives. People do practice rituals inviting dark forces into their lives. Unfortunately, these demons can impact others in their households and sometimes the demons can stay even if the inviter moves. That is something we hear from contacts as well.  The old “selling your soul to the devil” is also an intentional invite.
We have heard claims that demons can enter if someone calls out their name. Since we do not
deal with demons, we cannot confirm or deny this claim. But it is one that we have heard several times and experienced demonologists state that it is true as well.  So we will listen to those that battle them and say “never call their name”.
The most common entry is through negative energy. As discussed before demons love negative energy – they are attracted to places that have negative energy and thrive in those atmospheres. They can then enter, intensify the misery in order to strengthen and take over the situation. Have you ever walked into a room after a heated argument and you can feel the negative “feelings” in a location. You may think you perceive this negativity – but it exists and it is something demons thrive on. They love depression, sadness, anger, regret, self-doubt, fighting, pride, greed, envy, lust, gluttony, sloth, and anger. Physically speaking, it is not healthy to store these negative emotions, but even more dangerous, you risk a demon or a malevolent human spirit with these negative emotions. We are all human – we’re not perfect, but try to stay positive. 
How Do Demons Behave?

First of all, demons may appear to be helpful at first in order to lower your guard. Once they get you, they turn very nasty quickly. Demons are known for their trickery – they cannot be believed and are expert liars.  Their intelligence is much more superior to ours, as they were angels at one point.  One cannot outthink a demon, it’s impossible. 

Demons are forbidden or do not have the ability to know our thoughts. They are aware of our sins and our darkest secrets. They love those skeletons in ours closets.
Are Certain People More Prone to Demons?
Yes. Demons genuinely look for so-called easy targets. Demons like negative energy, especially raw human emotion. Any negative feeling such as anger, regret, stress, jealousy, bitterness, etc. is especially attractive to demons (and malevolent human spirits). They tend to feed off of this energy and create more to thrive.
Demons also look for people with lower psyches as it is easier for them to influence. People who manifest the negative emotions listed above and those with chemical dependencies (alcohol and drugs) as well as other addictions tend to have lower psyches and cannot defend themselves from the influences of demons.
There is some thought that demons like to torment those with certified psychological conditions.  Please note that we are not suggesting that all people who suffer from psychological conditions are influenced by demons – they are not. We are saying their risk is slightly higher. Since demons are tricky devils (pun intended), people with certain conditions have lower psyches (easier to possess) and it is also harder to identify when certain people are being harassed by demons. They generally do not want to be identified so they are not exorcised and banished from a “host”.

“Typical” Demonic Problem

During a demonic haunting the typical symptoms include a stomach-turning odor described as smelling like rotting flesh or sulfur.  Often times an intense growl is heard that seems to come from all around you.  The air in an area will become thick and soupy and the temperature often rises.  They often make contact by pushing, hitting, and more commonly scratching.  Scratches, welts, and even bite marks can be seen as a result.  Most of the assaults however, are through oppressive anxiety and fear. 
It is thought that demons do whatever they can to lower someone’s psyche enough to possess them.  Demons cannot be destroyed by humans and with exorcisms they can be removed from an area.  However, they are free to choose their next intended victim.  They also revel in tearing about families and destroying lives.  They clearly are not to be messed with.  
They are tricky too.  During an investigation, they have been known to appear as a human apparition in order to avoid getting removed through religious ritual.  It is important for investigators to listen to the claims before visiting, since these entities do deceive for their protection. 
So what exactly happens during a “typical” demonic haunting? At first activity seems benign and is very subtle, then it increases exponentially rather quickly and becomes threatening rapidly as well. Listed below are a typical progression seen in most demonic hauntings. Please be aware that these are an example and individual cases vary from one case to the next. Also be sure to debunk first. Most every “symptom” of a demonic haunt can be a number of different possibilities.
  • Young children and/or pets may seem to react to something. Remember children and pets are normally more open to paranormal activity. (Similar to human spirit hauntings - do not jump to conclusions). 
  • Shortly thereafter apparitions may appear that seem to be harmless. Since demons cannot take true human form, there is some part missing or some disfigurement.
  • There appears to be heavier air in a certain part of the house or room than the rest of the location. (This also happens in human spirit hauntings, so be careful diagnosing).
  • Strong and foul odors may then become present. (It is important to check for other explanations first. Also some harmless olfactory apparitions may appear with harmless spirits, the key is foul odors – cigarettes, while unpleasant to many is not classified as “foul”)
  • Adults may then start noticing apparitions. (Common with human spirit hauntings, do not jump to conclusions).
  • The demon may approach a member of the household and seem very helpful, pleasant and non-threatening at first.
  • The helpful, pleasant, and non-threatening demeanor changes rapidly to very unpleasant, and sometimes threatening. The demon may then try to influence someone to act out some sort of violence or immoral act.
  • Sounds become more menacing; the sound of growls is often reported. (Please remember animal spirits may also be trapped in this realm or residual animal sounds can be heard, not all growls are evil. Some guard dogs may still be present to protect their owner or their place)
  • Children wake up screaming that someone is trying to hurt or chase them. (Could be sleep paralysis or other sleeping condition in which the mind hallucinates). 
  • People may wake up with scratches or marks on their bodies. (Be careful diagnosing, as there may be other rational causes). Family members become sick and the illnesses seem to stump physicians and treatment often does not work.
  • Heavy objects may soon start to move (could be poltergeist activity and check for other logical explanations).
  • Very high and unexplained electromagnetic fields are present at a location. (Remember that it could be electrical/appliance malfunction or a human spirit present as well)
  • Some experienced demonologists state that events occur in sets of three (to mock Christian Holy Trinity). Since everyone is not Christian, the series of three in non-Christian households doesn’t hold much water. 
  • The entity seems responsive to symbols of religion (any religion). These items may be knocked down, pushed away, turned around, or thrown. (Be sure to exhaust all other possibilities first.)

Religious Affiliations Do Not Matter!

Some people think demons may not harass them because they are not Christian. This is not true. Religion does not matter to demons; they battle against God, not a religion. They do not target a certain religion – they mock all beliefs in God. During demonic infestations any religious item can be moved, thrown around or turned around, again religion does not matter.

Debunk First
As with any paranormal claims, it is important to look for alternate reasons for claims. The majority of claims can be debunked as having normal conditions. For example, we hear a lot of claims of voices, when it turns out to be bleeding through air vents. Scratches inside of walls turn out to be rodents, and banging turns out to be noisy plumbing. Look for alternative answers first before scaring yourself thinking you are either haunted by a spirit or even worse – a demon. 
The most common claim is the feeling of being held down in bed and attacked. There is a documented sleep condition called sleep paralysis that is the actual cause of a clear majority of these types of claims. We have information on sleep paralysis on our website. 
Do you have a sulfur smell, and not much else? It could be decomposition from rubbish or even from plumbing. Washing machines are a problem with this.
The bottom line is this – don’t jump to conclusions. You will only add fear, and if there is a problem, fear will make it worse. 
Spirit vs. Demon
Please be aware that demons are very rare, most claims can be debunked as normal occurrences or the work of a human spirit or residual haunting.
So those items moving? It can be either a spirit, a poltergeist activity or a demon. Don’t assume any paranormal event is evil. Most people fear the unknown – it is a human condition. Most reports of demons are actually spirits (most harmless attempts at communication that are misunderstood.) Yes, there are cranky spirits, some evil spirits, and some who are otherwise harmless spirits who become overwhelmed with emotion and may lash out. 
So how do you know? Try to debunk first, look for alternatives, then think if you may be misunderstanding the situation. How would you react if no one notices you or hears you? Would you be upset? I often hear that there is no mistaking a demonic entity – you have one, you are darned sure of it.
What if you do? Well call in the professionals. Only an experienced demonologist can remove demons. Don’t try it yourself, it is extremely dangerous!
I’ll just get on a soapbox for a second. A well-known parapsychologist laughs when paranormal groups call demons “evil”. His theory is that earthquakes cause death and destruction, but are they necessarily evil? Sharks may eat people, but is eating to survive evil?  The problem I have with this assertion is that earthquakes do not have thought so there is no intention to destroy lives. Yes, sharks need to eat, that’s not evil. Sharks do not lie to you and deceive you by telling you that they won’t eat you – then do.  But demons have intent to destroy. To me, that is pretty darn evil. This well-known parapsychologist also questions groups who claim to be scientific, but yet believe in demons. There is something to be an open-minded skeptic – one in this field should not be a closed-minded skeptic and that statement is one of a closed-minded skeptic. I believe it is dangerous to tell people that demons do not exist. I also believe it is dangerous for groups to scare people into thinking that demons are all around us. Paranormal groups need to stay rational too.

"I'm a Demon" EVPs
There are EVP's where someone captures a menacing voice stating "I'm a demon" or something similar. The person who caught this is either scared or scares a client by announcing that the home is infested with a demonic entity. That is not true - here's why - demons, but their very nature are liars, they mislead and they try to cover up their true identity. That means a demon will never announce itself as one. What that really is - is a spirit, one that may be a bit cranky and wants to scare you. They may want to be left alone or scare someone out of their space. Do not believe any voice that announces themselves as a demon - odds are that someone is pulling your leg.  

Manchester Paranormal Investigations does not deal with demons. We refer all possible demonic cases to experienced demonologists. We deal with spirits only – we even take the cranky and mischievous ones.


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