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How Not to Roam the Earth for Eternity

We expend a considerable amount of our energy trying to communicate to spirits. We like to hear from you, but we would rather solve your problem with the paranormal instead of you being the problem paranormal.

Search the internet about hauntings and you will find so much information, but yet there is very little on avoiding wandering the Earth after we die. We composed a blog entry in 2010, but feel that this topic is important enough to expand upon and to have as a permanent part of the website.
It’s a grim thought, but one we must all think about, as different as we all are, we are all going to die. We must think of this as we prepare our wills to make sure our families are provided for. We think about it when we buy life insurance. Why not think about your life to increase your odds of passing to the other side?
No one is guaranteed a smooth transition between now and when it is our time to pass. To understand what is needed to happily pass to whatever lies beyond we must look at why we think some spirits are trapped in this world. Could wandering the Earth be considered Purgatory? We have so many questions we would like the answers to - that is one of our reasons we are in this field. 
Every spirit we encounter has what we interpret to be a different reason they are trapped. But most of them have one thing in common - an anchor holding them back. It is true that some are here voluntarily. They either feel the need to oversee a loved one or a beloved place, or they fear Judgment.
Some spirits are around because they are confused or do not realize they died. As odd as it seems, this does happen frequently. There's not much you can do beforehand to avoid confusion. Usually confused spirits died a sudden and unexpected death. They refuse to think that they are dead. In our experience it seems that most people who expect to pass on (long illness) move on because they have come to grips with their future, made amends, said their goodbyes, and strengthened their faith. 
What is an Anchor?
We mentioned before that the majority of spirits we encounter have some sort of anchor that is keeping them from passing to the afterlife. We use the term anchor because it is the best visualization that we can offer.  Picture a ship's anchor and your body is a boat. It's time for you to move to the other side but you can't move - something is holding you back. You try and you try to move but you’re stuck.
An anchor can be many things - they can also be intentional. Unwanted anchors can be bitterness, regret, sadness, anger, or any very strong feeling. Anchors can also be a very strong attachment to someone or something (a job, a location, a person).
There are voluntary anchors that we come across in our research. These are cases where a spirit chooses not to move on. These people could fear Judgment and their fate. We have encountered spirits that committed suicide and fear the afterlife. Other spirits may choose to stay behind to oversee a loved one or a beloved location. Some victims will not pass until they see justice for whatever injustice befell upon them in life or if they were murdered. Some restless spirits stick behind because of a task not completed.

So How Do I Pass?

Nothing in life is guaranteed except death and taxes - but by living a better life, one's odds should be enhanced. This is where words are much easier than actions. There is no easy answer - one must work hard.  It is like weight loss, if it was simple, everyone would be in shape.
In order to have better odds at passing to the other side one must have few anchors to hold them back. Those strong binds must be weakened or removed. One must realize what is truly important and learn to forgive, forget, and to remember that others and the world will move on after we pass away.
We must learn to live with our past, our failures, and our goals that are unfulfilled. We must learn to love and laugh. We must find our faith - whatever faith you have or if you have any. 
We must realize that some things are beyond our control and we are mere mortals. We must realize that there is an afterlife and when it is our time to pass, we go where we belong. There are loved ones on the other side waiting for us. 
We need to take inventory of our life - what and who is important. We need to have faith in our loved ones that they can manage without us.
I said it wouldn't be easy. Long story short - by living better lives we can possibly make our transition easier with the added benefit of healthier lives (less stress prolongs our lives) and healthier relationships. It is like anything else that benefits us; it just takes time and effort and if you fall off the wagon, pick yourself up, dust yourself off and work at it again. It may just keep you from wandering the Earth after you die.

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