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Negative Entities and Negative Energy
Removing one removes the other...

There are many reasons that someone’s home may experience a paranormal entity. There may be residual energy left from a previous resident or event. There may be an intelligent spirit who chose not to move on or are trapped because of an anchor holding them to this realm. The toughest entity to remove is an entity that is attracted to a person’s negative energy and feeds off of it.

We are talking about a malevolent spirit or a demon. To understand how to remove one, we must first look at why they may be impacting an individual or a family.

How Did They Get Here?

There are a number of different scenarios in how a location can become infested with a negative entity such as a malevolent spirit or worse – a negative non-human entity, including demons. They can be

  • Invited (Unintentionally or intentionally) – Through the use of divination practices (such as Ouija boards) or even amateur EVP sessions, these entities can be unintentionally invited into a location. They can sense that someone is willing to communicate with the spirit world and they use that opening to invade your space. Even attempts by a previous resident can cause problems for you. Locations in which there were even darker intentions (rituals), where evil has been invited in is especially problematic for many years.

  • Pool of Negative Energy – If a location has a history in which there were very strong emotions in the past, the location can be ripe for negative entities. It can range from former prisons to as common as a house where one member lived with mental illness or a debilitating progressive disease such as Alzheimer’s or dementia.

  • Attracted to the Environment – This is the most common scenario, and one in which we deal with more often. Negative entities are attracted to a particular location due to the energy available for them. They find a suitable habitat and they thrive off the environment. They can also cause some havoc just to increase the emotions which feed them.
  • Attracted to an Individual – Inhuman entities can target an individual if they sense one’s psyche is not strong enough to fend off attacks.

What Are They Attracted to?


I could have ended the section right there. But in a nutshell, they thrive off of any negative energy from us. It can be as major as bitterness and anger over being a victim of a heinous crime, to trivial things such as stress over a commute.  They feed off of the negative energy and they thrive under the circumstances. They can then exasperate the situation thus creating more negative energy to feed off of. Some people can even have repressed memories create issues with nasty entities as subconscious feelings can provide fuel.

Some negative emotions that provide fuel include: anger, bitterness, fear, frustration, guilt, jealousy, regret, self-doubt, sorrow, etc. Any negative emotion will do. Some actions can provide energy such as yelling, fighting, arguments, and rebelliousness. Stress from our jobs, marriages/relationships, financial or health concerns are especially attractive to negative entities.
They want you to be miserable, they want you to doubt yourself, they want your energy so they can thrive and they will use that energy against you so they can gain more energy.

How Can I Remove the Negative Entities?

Easiest answer to give – the hardest to accomplish is to remove their energy source.

Without their energy source they will move on to browner pastures (they don’t like lush green pastures). Some alternate methods may temporarily abate the situation, but in all likelihood, the issues will return. Things such as smudging, blessings, or other new-age rituals can temporarily provide relief, but the ultimate solution is to remove the buildup of negativity. We all have varying levels of these emotions, but the build-up of these emotions is key fuel. 

Negative Energy? No, Not Me!

We all tend to think we are positive people, but in reality, we all have negative feelings. There always something or many things that bothers us – it may be more or less frequent than others, but we are all human and have a wide array of emotions.  I’d be concerned if someone smiled all the time regardless the circumstance – they sometimes are the first to snap! 

If you have an entity in your home that is literally making your life a living Hell, the best solution is to take an honest look at yourself (or someone else in the household – or the household at large). Think that there may be something that is feeding these entities. When this is realized, it is so much easier to change and remove the negative entity (ies),

You do not need to feel defective or think of yourself poorly if you have any negative feelings, we all do. We are constantly bombarded with worries and our lives our hectic and it seems common courtesy has all but disappeared so we all carry this baggage with us – myself included.


Acknowledge there is an issue and identify the source or sources of negative energy.

The hardest step is to break the build-up of negative energy.  Avoid the yelling, the fighting, and all those little emotions that eat away at us. Look at the big picture, is what going on really that important that we risk harm from serious negative entities. Sure, if you spouse is cheating, that is a valid excuse to be angry and to fight and take a golf club to their car before you call a lawyer. But if your spouse forgets to put the mail out, is that really killing anyone?

Let go of whatever is getting us hot under the collar. Someone cut you off in traffic? Yeah, that’s what gets me mad. But don’t bring that anger home with you. Call them a jerk in your head and move on. Don’t rehash the incident when you get home – don’t stew in the corner thinking about knocking their teeth out or telling them what you think of them. Let them deal with their inconsideration; don’t let them bring you down.  You are better than that!

Someone in the office say something rotten to you? Don’t bring it home. Think to yourself that they are trying to bring you down because of their own insecurity. Don’t let them bug you, because that means they win. Let your home be a safe haven, don’t bring those jerks home with you in your thoughts and your feelings.  

Overall, take a look around you. Realize how blessed we are. I know a parent of teenagers is laughing at me right now. But remember those rebellious teenagers when they were cute and cuddly and their only words were “Momma” and “Dadda”. Your spouse drank out of the milk carton, kindly ask them to use a glass next time and move on – realize that someone loves you. If your job is bothering you, you can look for a new one – or more easily, think about how blessed you are to have a job, in these conditions. There are many more people struggling to even feed their family because they are unemployed.

Surround yourself with what makes you happy, at peace, and calm. If you like flowers, always have fresh-cut flowers in the house. If you like lady bugs collect them (within reason - your spouse may get annoyed with ladybug curtains and ladybug salt shakers). Keep pictures of family and friends and happy times. It sounds corny – but it is something that can help brighten up an environment.

I’m not saying to become a pushover and let others walk all over you and you just smile and say “That’s okay”, because then the build-up will cause anyone to snap. Just learn to pick your battles, be nicer to those around you, learn to forgive and forget, realize what is important and what you have, and to work on being more positive. When people do this, their success rate in removing nasty malevolent spirits and negative entities is staggering.

Don’t let emotions bottle up. Talk to your family, your closest friends, clergy member, and therapist (if applicable). Just talking helps relieve that pressure, and added meaningful words of encouragement help.

I realize that this is the most difficult task. We are all human and we are all prone to varying emotion. But if there is a problem where something has invaded your home and causing your life to be Hell – there is no option but to remove your negative energy if you want the negative entity to leave.

You can also pray – it doesn’t hurt. As long as you have faith, it can work. See our protection prayers we have compiled for use. 

Now, about that jerk that cut you off in traffic….  If you get rid of your negative energy, maybe your unwelcome visitor will sense his/her hostilities and force them to change!  For the cheating spouse, he/she can get the negative entity in the settlement. 

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