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Orb – Paranormal or Normal?


With the birth of digital cameras, orbs became the rage in the paranormal investigation world.  Somewhere, the legend of the orb was born.  We cannot discount an orb – remember nothing can be definitively said about the paranormal – it’s an ever-evolving field and one in which the answers are not there, yet.  Until a spirit sits down and discusses all these mysteries, we may never know ourselves until we ourselves cross that line between the living and the dead.  It is our experience that orbs can be easily duplicated and more often than not are caused by normal circumstances. 

An orb is a bright circle that appears in a photograph or video.  We are not discounting lights and orbs of energy that can be seen by the naked eye, just the millions of photos with “orbs” in them.  Manchester Paranormal Investigations will never present the typical orb photos as evidence of paranormal activity.  If other groups do, that is fine as everyone has different theories.  We are not saying that we are right and they are wrong – it’s a personal belief.  We, however, were successful in recreating orbs that we know are not paranormal. 

Search the internet and you will find many photos in cemeteries with orbs.  Unfortunately, these photos caused a rush into cemeteries and problems with trespassing.  Are these photos paranormal?  99.99% of these are not, and here’s why.  Take any photo at night with a flash and chances are you will have photos with orbs in them.  Orbs can easily be explained and duplicated with experiments.  Those photos are nothing more than dust, pollen, bugs, airborne sediment, moisture, or any natural substance floating in the air.  The flash from the camera reflects off an airborne item and the result is a circle that appears to be illuminated.  Even if one does not use a flash, light from other sources (street lights, flash lights, passing headlights) can create the same effect. 

If you are adamant about orbs, try this experiment.  In a dark room, with your flash on, have someone throw flour, salt, or dust in the air and take a photograph.  Chances are you will have orbs.  When someone enters an area (even outside) they will stir up dust, sediment, pollen, and the like and when the photo is taken there is enough airborne material to create orbs. 

Some claim that orbs contain faces or any other body part.  This can be explained by matrixing.  The mind has a way of creating an image that is not there.  Tricks of shadow and light create an incomplete image and then your brain will finish an image to something that is familiar.  If you’re looking for paranormal and looking for a face, your brain will complete that image for you. 

Are all orb photos non-paranormal?  We cannot say that, but the majority can be attributed to natural conditions.  If you want to take photographs at night, one of the best hints I heard is to take many photographs of dust, pollen, rain, snow, fog, or any conditions you may encounter in order to have a comparison.

A way of avoiding orbs is to make note where the light sources are.  Avoid taking a picture towards a bright light as the light will bounce around the lenses in the camera causing “orb-like” features.  Also make sure your camera is free of dust or moisture on the lens as orbs can appear as a result of a dirty lens. 

Are there orbs that can be associated with the paranormal?  Yes, but those photos are rare.  An actual orb that can be attributed to the paranormal will have a contrail, as the orb is in motion. (Beware the contrail associated with slight camera movement).  It is theorized as photographic evidence has been recorded that a truly paranormal “orb” will stop and expand into a paranormal vapor.  True paranormal orbs can be seen as a white ball of light shooting through a room and through solid surfaces. 

So yes, we believe a true orb is paranormal, however many of the photographs of “orbs” are easy to duplicate and do not have the signature of a paranormal phenomenon.

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Example of Orb Photo
Taken by Manchester Paranormal Investigations - 12/12/2009
Notice the light circular shape above the right side of the grave stone

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